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Computers for Kids opens the area to applications for 4 months, so students have enough time to apply.  Computers for Kids contacts the School Districts about surplus computers and sends them applications to distribute to the students.

In 2006, Jerome County Fair Grounds donated two buildings to Computers for Kids for the May distribution.  Computers for Kids was expecting 350 to 400 students to apply.  As of the middle of February 2006, Computers for Kids had received over 270 applications.  By the time of the May distribution, CFK was overwhelmed with applications for 600 computers to distribute to Twin Falls area students.  With the help of volunteers, CFK's distribution was a great success!

For 2007, Jerome County Fair Grounds assisted us with the building, and the Idaho Army National Guard helped with the distribution.   We had 220 students and 45 schools that received computers.  The distribution date was changed to the fall in hopes to reach more students through the summer.  We found that going through the school system was the most effective way to reach the students.  The students related very well with Army National Guardsman who assisted them with their computers.  Computers For Kids were able to bring back over 22 tons of recycling, keeping computer systems out of local landfills.

2008 was the first year we had distribution at the Twin Falls Army National Guard Armory. They had a big forklift and lots of help from the soldiers!  150 students recieved computers.

2009 saw an increase to almost 300 students, all distrubted in less than three hours!

Our mission is to offer Idaho students K – 14th grade the opportunity to enhance their education through the use of technology at home.

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