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In the summer of 2003, CFK traveled to Coeur 'd Alene, Idaho.   Ms. Jean Bengford, Director of Technology for the Coeur 'd Alene School District, had called CFK for help with their recycling.  The School district had 500 computers they needed to recycle.  Recycling in CDA cost $27.00 per system.  With 500 computers coming out of the district, they were looking at $13,500.00 in recycling fees. CFK decided to partner together with Jean to take on the Coeur 'd Alene area.

CFK had never traveled outside of the Boise area.  Jean distributed the student applications throughout the Coeur 'd Alene schools.  Sixty-one students applied for computers.  Molli, her son Christopher (then 12 years old) and two other volunteers started to program computers.  Within a month, Molli and Christopher filled a van with computers and headed up north.  When they arrived 15 hours later, they had one seriously hurt transmission and an exhausted mother and son.

Jean Bengford, on the other hand, was ready and very prepared for their arrival.  She had reserved a building, tables were set-up, and Kami Cade, her head technician, along with college students, were waiting to unload and set-up the computers.  The next morning, the class started with a whirlwind of 61 kids, 100 parents, grandparents, and the Post Falls Mayor who brought his grandson to see what Computers for Kids was all about.  The class was a phenomenal success!

After two hours, Molli and the college students started to palletize the remaining computers, monitors, keyboards and mice for Fed Ex to transport back to Boise.  Fed Ex liked the program concept so much that they decided to donate the freight.  For five years, Fed Ex donated the transportation of truckloads of computers between Boise and Coeur 'd Alene.  This very generous donation saved Computers for Kids thousands of dollars in freight.

2007 was the first year we teamed up with the Idaho Army National Guard in Post Falls.  The space is great and we have worked with some amazing people.  Thank you Idaho Army National Guard for all your help.  200 students received computers and 20 tons of donations were brought back for refurbishing.

In 2008, 180 students received computers.  We received 28 tons of donations; our truck was stuffed!  Thank you to all who donated and to all that helped with distribution.

We are in the process of forming a steering committee for the Coeur 'd Alene area.  We are looking for community involved individuals to help inform school, media, businesses and individuals about our program.  Please e-mail us at cfk@cfkidaho.com.

Our mission is to offer Idaho students K – 14th grade the opportunity to enhance their education through the use of technology at home.

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