Student Application Process

1. Who's eligible: Every student, K-14th grade is eligible for a computer, our program is NOT income based. Every child that applies receives a computer.
2. Fill out an application.
3. Have your child write an essay on why they need a computer and how it will help their education. If your child is young, or unable to write an essay, a drawing will suffice.
4. Processing fees: $35.00 is non-refundable if order is cancelled. If you are unable to pay in full at that time, you can pay the remaining balance when you pick up the computer (See #7). We cannot accept checks on the distribution date.
5. Processing time: Allow 4 to 8 weeks for processing and preparation of your computer. Please include the application, the essay, and your check, or card numbers, when you apply. If we do not receive all 3 items it will delay the application process.
6. Application is processed: you will receive a letter in the mail stating a date when you can pick up the computer. At this time, there will be a class offered, where you and your child can receive a short demo by one of our "techs" to get you started and answer any questions. Because we have so many wonderful volunteers that help us with the program we ask that each child brings a thank you letter when you come. Your child is not required to attend but is welcomed to do so. A parent/guardian is needed to sign paperwork.
7. Payment: If you did not send a check for the entire amount due with your application, you will need to pay cash, money order or credit card, for the remaining balance when you pick up your computer.
8. Applying yearly: Students can re-apply and receive a computer yearly. CFK program is structured that a child may receive a computer from kindergarten up to the second year of college. If they chose to reapply every year your child could receive 14 computer systems through our program. Our goal is to keep students up to date with technology.
9. Tech support: All computers come with one full year of tech support (free). In the event that a computer must be shipped to us for technical support, CFK is not responsible for any shipping and/or handling costs.

Download Student Application (pdf)

Our mission is to offer Idaho students K – 14th grade the opportunity to enhance their education through the use of technology at home.

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