What Is Computers For Kids?

Computers for Kids, Inc. (CFK) is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization formed in 2002 that receives donated computers from individuals and businesses, then refurbishes and licenses them for distribution to students for their home use. As a part of this program, each student's educational needs are considered and software programs are provided to assist them in improving their studies.

CFK offers children an exciting opportunity to gain the necessary high tech skills needed to join the workforce as computer literate adults and navigate in our complex electronic world.  Thousands of students have been assisted to date, with the possibilities for further distributions growing exponentially.  This is a result of new computer products being developed and produced, and companies replacing their existing systems.

Donations of computer equipment and software programs for CFK's program are received from individuals, schools and government agencies. Our donation program helps to address the growing problem of older computer systems being discarded to the landfill or shelved and unused, taking up warehouse space.  It also provides a tax credit opportunity for the donors.

The process of refurbishing computers provides training opportunities to vocational students interested in computer sciences.  Internships have been developed with education programs that allow their students to receive real-time, hands-on experience.

Although computers that are 2 to 3-years old may be dated for business purposes, they can still be utilized effectively for student applications.  Other computers may be too old to refurbish, but contain many usable parts that can be utilized when building other systems.  CFK uses all it can from donated systems and ensures that what cannot be used is properly disposed with an EPA-certified recycler.

Closing the "digital divide" and increasing knowledge and skills through use of home computers offers individuals in today's society an equal opportunity to succeed.  Reuse, reduction and recycling are key components of our program that has long-reaching effects benefiting the community and the environment.  However, it is first and foremost our mission to offer Idaho students (K-14th grade) the opportunity to enhance their education through the use of technology at home.  That is the Computers for Kids program - a program of education and community service designed to keep today's youth knowledgeable and educated in an electronic world.

Our mission is to offer Idaho students K – 14th grade the opportunity to enhance their education through the use of technology at home.